Why Israel’s Elections Are Not Meaningful

Letters to the Editor: Walk in Israelis’ shoes before criticizing their election choices

It is not the job of journalists to criticize public officials, even if the officials are wrong. It’s also not the job of journalists to criticize or question political candidates, not until the election is over and the voters have voted.

But that is what many news organizations have done. They have criticized President Obama, saying he doesn’t know Israel, doesn’t care about Israel, and is a Muslim. They have criticized New Jersey politicians, saying they don’t care about NJ or the people of NJ. They have criticized New York politicians, saying they don’t support New York or the people of New York.

But they haven’t questioned or criticized Israeli leaders, whose votes are also up in the air. And as I have written many times, I find it hard to believe that an Israeli leader who supported Netanyahu against Obama would oppose Netanyahu’s current Israeli election choice.

In my view, this is only one of an estimated ten Israeli elections this year. For an election to be meaningful, it has to be the one for the leader of the party with the largest majority in the Knesset, because the party with the largest majority does not run the government. The largest majority should be one that can carry the day in the Knesset. In the past, many of the largest parties ran the government, and those have been the parties with the largest amount of votes. That was why the right-wing party with the largest majority dominated the Knesset for years. Then, when the right-wing party with the largest majority could not control the government, they were replaced by a left-wing party, then by a center-left party, and so on until the next elections.

There are many reasons for an election to be meaningful. One is to show Israelis that there is one leader, not a myriad of leaders. Another is to make sure that the next government will be as right-wing as the one that has governed for a long time. But there is also

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