Why a Federal Judge Should Order a Full, Transparency, Non-Partisan Audit of Our Elections

I’m Catherine Cortez Masto: This is why I want Nevada’s vote in the midterm election to be counted correctly.

I’m here to explain to you why I think a federal judge should order a full, transparent, non-partisan audit of our elections and the way they are run.

For years, it has been common practice in Nevada, and for many other states in the late 19th century, early 20th century, in the early 21st century, all the way up to 2020, to allow private companies to run election day operations.

These companies are called Election Assistance Commission (EAC) contractors. It is very rare for a company, especially a one that is not a public agency, and that does not have the authority to regulate or supervise their operations to be awarded the contract of actually running the election.

In many states, it is also common to be awarded contract to run a very limited number of elections. In many states, the contractor is run by a close, personal friend or by a close family member of the elected official so that they have an intimate knowledge and familiarity with the people and issues in that election.

All voting is done anonymously. Nobody is listed as a contractor or the name of the owner.

A good example of this is the election in Nevada for judgeships. There are approximately 2,900 active judges in the state of Nevada and the EAC provides election services for all of them. The EAC contracted with a company called Kirtland Technologies to provide a computerized election system that is certified by NIST. That company has received more than $600 million of taxpayer money to run the election.

The company was very good at running the election, but it was not very good at overseeing it. The same company performed the election in more than 30 states across the country. So how does it go so wrong?

The company did not have the training or the ability or the resources to check the voting system or make sure nobody was allowed to tamper with it.

Another company was selected to do the same job, but they also went bankrupt. There were complaints about their system, there were false or inaccurate reports by the company, etc.

The problem was not with the system, the problem is that

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