Trump’s Allies Are Defending Iowa’s 1st District

Thomas was ‘key’ to a plan to delay certification of 2020 election, Trump lawyers said in emails

“You have him on tape,” said a witness at the House Intelligence Committee on June 9.

“That’s right,” replied Rep. Adam B. Schiff, D-Calif., the panel’s ranking minority member.

“I think Adam has an obligation to the committee,” Schiff said of his fellow House member. “I’ve seen Adam Schiff do that before.”

In August 2018, as Trump’s allies and Mueller were working to secure a secret impeachment subpoena of Mueller to force his testimony in the Senate, a lawyer for the president made overtures to Schiff.

Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was in the crosshairs of Democrats. With Trump’s base in the Midwest, his Democratic rivals were targeting vulnerable Iowa’s 1st Congressional District.

One of Trump’s defenders was Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, who ran on a conservative anti-immigrant, anti-big-government platform. The district, which covers western Iowa and portions of eastern Wisconsin, was already a Trump stronghold with more than 40 percent of voters saying they supported Trump in 2016.

King was a frequent supporter of embattled Trump ally and congressman Joe Gruters. Gruters is the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. He was also Trump’s point man on the GOP-led tax overhaul. After Trump won the Republican primary but lost the general election, King threw his support to Gruters.

Schiff wasn’t a Trump ally, nor was he politically connected to Gruters or to King. But his district is competitive. A special election in 2018 saw a Republican, Matt Paul, upset King by 1 point in Iowa’s 1st District. Even with Trump’s 2020 nomination of former Goldman Sachs executive John Bolton, King has a chance to win again. The Democrats’ nominee

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