The Woman King Is a Woman

Opinion: What calls to boycott ‘The Woman King’ are really saying

What calls to boycott “The Woman King” is really saying is that she is not a feminist icon.

Nancy Jo Sales – 12/07/16

I think that it’s time for Hollywood actresses to stop pretending that their portrayal of the character is an accurate representation of what is happening in real life. We see images of women being used, but the “real deal” is being portrayed to the public with what a lot of young women have seen. To me, this has to stop. The reality of the life of a working women is much different than the one portrayed in films.

When the media is portraying it, we see it differently. We know the truth. We have the experience of being a woman in Hollywood.

I have watched The Secret, the movie on Netflix. It was very accurate. We see women being beaten, and raped, but in the movie, they seem to accept it. But how many times have actresses or actresses’ portrayed a rape victim, or the woman who is being used? Many times they have presented their rape as the woman fighting against the men by doing so. I have looked up the facts regarding a woman’s sexual assault in the recent past. I am just glad the facts have been out there and the world is finally addressing the topic.

The reality is we are just as sexual harassed and assaulted today as we were back in the 90s and the 2000s. If society is not being educated to see it, then we will continue to see it happen. We may not see it, but we know it is happening.

The only movie that is getting the message out is the book “How To Be a Woman in Business: Stories from a Female-Owned Business” by Anne Shirley, which is an extremely accurate representation of the female experience. The fact that it is an actual book is another indicator of how powerful it is.

The fact that it is a book written by a female is a huge step forward. It doesn’t matter who writes it (a male or female writer) as long as it gets the message out. I am glad the message has been getting out. And it should continue to be getting out.

As far as the fact that “The Woman King” is

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