The White House is a Propaganda Blitz

Inflation everywhere, from an oil change to the produce counter at Whole Foods.

Inflation everywhere, from an oil change to the produce counter at Whole Foods.

From the moment they signed the Affordable Care Act into effect, the Democrats and their friends in the press had been treating the health care of the American people as a partisan issue. All too often it has been. One way to see how that works is to take note of recent comments by a White House aide. In an interview with Time, the White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett (yes, that Valerie Jarrett) responded to a question about the ACA in a question put to her by Time, which begins, “On this question of health care, there’s really no one more qualified to answer that than Valerie Jarrett, whom we have known and respected for decades.”

Jarrett’s answer began this way:

“Of course there is — all of it. I’m just saying, all of it. But health care is a big one. And this is the moment when we have to really look at how we think about the way our economy works, how we think about how we think about how people get health care.”

But it goes on to be a total propaganda blitz, completely eviscerating the ACA. It’s not just the fact that the “health care is a big one.” There is some question about whether it is a big one. According to the Urban Institute’s estimates, the ACA will have nearly doubled the number of uninsured Americans (an additional 16.9 million) by 2026. But it will also have had an adverse effect on other policies, with the majority of consumers paying about 10 percent more for prescription drugs and 7.2 percent more for health insurance.

But it really doesn’t matter. The health care is important, and for the press and the Democrats this is a convenient way of making it more important. And it is easy to see why. If you know that the

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