The Times’ “Gratitude Challenge” is a “Gratitude Experiment”

The Times Wants to Hear Your ‘Tiny Gratitude Stories’

The Times has launched a “gratitude challenge” to readers to share their “gratitudes” — on Facebook and Twitter.

Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof says the challenge will be “an experiment” that will be publicized “in a way that’s transparent,” in advance of his own challenge to “share a gratitudo [gratitude] with my 13-year-old daughter.”

Kristof says he is inspired by last month’s Times story about an 8-year-old boy in North Carolina whose father built a special bench for his father — and then did a special gift for his 6-year-old daughter. The father built a bench to support his son’s wheelchair; the father then made a special gift for his daughter.

“I’m also inspired by many stories of the wonderful things people do for their children,” he says.

Kristof says he hopes readers will use Twitter and Facebook to share their tales of gratitude, offering as many as possible as part of the Times’ experiment.

“The Times has always been the newspaper of record, but now the newspaper has an opportunity to do some of the things that we used to do in the old newspaper world,” Kristof says. “So what I would like you to do is write to Nicholas. And if you have a piece you’d like us to run, you can send along a one- or two-sentence email to Nicholas. That’s not too much to ask. We’ll see what we can find. And then we’ll run your story in the print edition.”

Kristof says the experiment was inspired by two things: the fact that he himself as a child found a piece of paper in the garbage after learning his mother had thrown it out; and the Times’ recent coverage of a mother in Utah who raised $6,000 to build a special bench to support her disabled son.

“It was an experiment,” Kristof says. “I wanted it to be a fun experiment. And I think it could be fun.”

Kristof says he is looking for people to share their stories of how they’ve been “grat

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