The Raiders Owner’s Response to Jeff Saturday’s Question

Colts Owner Defends Jeff Saturday’s Hire as Coach

The Oakland Raiders owner, Mark Davis, was interviewed recently for a TV show in Nashville, and while doing so was asked by the host if his son, “Jeff Saturday”, should be hired as coach of the Tennessee Titans.

Davis, a native of Nashville, responded with a quick yes, but then asked that his son not be the one to coach the Titans.

I find this response to be very disingenuous. It’s likely his answer was influenced by his interest in finding his own coaching successor, but Davis’s apparent bias towards hiring his son has nothing to do with his own coaching qualifications.

At the present time, Jeff Saturday is only an assistant coach. His father has no coaching experience of a significant level. Davis was fired by the Raiders in 2016 after 9 years as an NFL executive. His son had no coaching experience. Davis says he is being treated well by the team management.

He’s certainly not the only owner to refuse to hire his own sons.

John Wooten, owner of the Houston Texans, has hired three of his four sons to be coaches, and both Tim and Travis Loomis have been interviewed for head coaching jobs by the team.

A year ago, San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York refused to hire head coach Kyle Shanahan. Mike Singletary, the former offensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers, was the only NFL coach being interviewed by the team.

When it comes to hiring other people’s sons as coaches, or hiring one’s own daughter/niece, there’s usually some legitimate reason. There are always people who want to coach their children and other people who want to coach a son of theirs. There are also people who want to coach their kids to get a job, and those people are much rarer.

It’s not reasonable

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