The Problem With Kevin De León

Guerrero: Kevin de León’s bid for sympathy digs a deeper hole for those who supported him.

In my book, the most important thing in politics is the human story. But as I wrote, it’s one thing to know something about a person and quite another to be influenced by that person. If you don’t like a politician, who cares? If you do support a candidate, and he gets elected, it’s not really personal. But if you don’t support him and he gets elected, you can’t really write the human story because it goes against all that you learned on the way up. That’s my theory.

The problem with Kevin de León is that he’s made a career out of supporting other politicians that he doesn’t even like. He’s come to represent a set of ideological, political and personal priorities that, while very different from his, are still very much the same.

The first problem is that, even if they don’t like him, many liberals and progressives and people of good conscience in this country look at De León’s positions and vote accordingly. But it’s an odd thing. When you vote for De León, you’re not actually voting for his ideals, if at all. You’re voting for an individual rather than a set of ideas or a political philosophy. For a while, in the last couple of decades, it was possible to look at De León and see who he was as a person. But now, it’s impossible to separate him from his career.

The other problem with Kevin de León is that, if he becomes president, he’ll become the most powerful man in the world. He’ll have this enormous amount of power. He’s already had so many of these ideas and has been so successful at advancing them. But if he becomes president, suddenly the world gets a lot less interesting, because all of these ideas will have enormous power. Now, who cares about the person who has all these ideas and can’t say anything about them, because he’s a politician? If he’s a politician, we don’t care. The only thing we care about is what will be in his platform.

Kevin de León is the most famous Latino politician in the United States of America,

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