The League of Ugandan Blind Football

Meet the man who introduced blind football to Uganda

Kampala, August 29, 2012 (KAMPALA/MURADYALE)—Uganda has adopted football as a means to bring children out of poverty. In 2008, the government of Uganda launched the national Blind Football League. But, as the league began in Kampala, football was in its infancy.

The League was formally launched in 2008 with a goal of integrating and introducing football to the Ugandan children.

For the first time in Africa, the children had the opportunity to experience the excitement of football from the comfort of their own homes. It was a game that was new and was very exciting for them.

The game was introduced to a small but vocal community, and it was not long before the game caught on. Now, it has become a cultural game that is part of the daily lives of this African nation.

The game is a blend of touch, skill, tactical and physical skill required to execute their game plans.

The game has introduced the children to the joys of teamwork, and of course, the benefits that come from learning at the same time as being able to share in the collective excitement of the game.

The children participate in local competitions but the game becomes more important for the children who cannot play as they grow up. These include the blind and disabled children, of course.

This is where the League comes in to play an important role.

The League is playing a vital role in helping the children of Uganda to play in their own way with their own style.

The league also plays an important role in assisting other countries in Africa to introduce the game of football to their young students in order to help them to meet basic requirements.

For example, a game of football can help children learn to respect and appreciate the game, helping them to make better decisions on the field, and helps to build better relationships between teammates.

This is an important lesson that not everyone can learn. That’s why we think the game is so important.

Not only is it important for the young players to learn the game at the same time as they are growing up, but the parents play

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