The Georgia Open Primary: The Republican and Democratic candidates debate on Saturday

Schumer: Georgia Senate race ‘going downhill’ but Pennsylvania debate ‘didn’t hurt us too much’

Sen. Johnny Isakson has been in the governor’s primary game for 10 years. He says his most recent race was a “satellite race” with other competitive races. Republicans are preparing another contest for a Senate seat that had the potential to be a competitive one.

On Saturday, the candidates in Georgia’s open seat race will debate on two key issues.

Republican Senator Johnny Isakson is running for a second term in the U.S. Senate against businessman David Perdue.

With President Donald Trump’s approval rating down to 44 percent, Isakson has a message not many members of the Democratic Party seem to get.

“We don’t like Trump,” he said. “We thought there was a chance to get Trump out and that didn’t happen. We think we can have a better conversation, better deal-making and better policies. We just have a different way of doing things.”

The Republican Party has nominated Mike Johnson, a businessman with business experience and strong ties to President Donald Trump.

Perdue, a well-known political fundraiser and former U.S. representative, has run the gamut of political races in the past and is running an unconventional campaign.

Perdue, like his opponent, doesn’t have a clear message, he said.

“I was always a big, old, old traditionalist, conservative Republican, but we needed a change,” he said.

The debate on Saturday is the last of the two debates the candidates will participate in on the road and is happening at The Barn at Blue Bell in Americus.

They are the sole debate scheduled that day to be broadcast on television, according to the rules of the Georgia Open primary.

The two candidates will do the debate in the general election, with each candidate fielding questions from reporters and an audience made up of voters.

“I think we were well-prepared, we’ll ask a lot of questions and we have a couple of things we want to talk about on camera. This is going to be a tough one, we’re going to ask good questions of Perdue and have some strong answers. He’s not going to be able to get through this with just a good answer, he’s going to have to answer the question,” Isakson said.

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