The FBI Charges Paul Pelosi with Attempting to Kill Rep. Nita Lowey

The Facts About the Attack on Paul Pelosi, According to Prosecutors

Paul Pelosi has been charged with two counts of attempted murder after he allegedly tried to murder U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y.

What the facts are about this bizarre attack are laid out in a recently unsealed criminal complaint, which outlines a bizarre, violent, and personal attack that happened on the night of April 9, after Lowey’s Republican primary debate in Manhattan. The attack on Lowey occurred inside a Manhattan hotel, where Pelosi was staying with a group of supporters, including her husband and children.

According to the unsealed complaint, a group of men allegedly forced their way into the hotel, where Pelosi was working, and physically attacked her. Police reportedly arrived and detained the aggressors and took them to the hotel’s private lounge, where they held them without food for four hours before they eventually agreed to let them leave.

One of the men allegedly accused Lowey of stealing her husband, and then stabbed her multiple times with a knife, after she asked him to stop. She managed to escape from the attacker who was then shot dead by other men outside of the hotel.

As to the facts of the case, the complaint reads, in part:

A preliminary investigation revealed that while Mr. Pelosi was at the hotel on April 9, 2009, defendant [Saman] had been drinking at a bar where he was also working. Mr. Pelosi’s daughter was with Mr. Pelosi at the hotel and, because Mr. Pelosi was at that time working at a conference center in Connecticut, his wife stayed with his daughter while he was working at the hotel.

The complaint is filled with shocking details. Police believe that Saman is not even a New York citizen.

Pelosi is scheduled to go on trial in November on the charges, which say he attempted to kill Rep. Nita Lowey while knowingly participating in a domestic dispute in violation of a court order. The charges also say he assaulted Rep. Lowey’s husband, David Lowey. That assault allegedly occurred shortly after the attack on Rep. Lowey, which allegedly involved a knife.

Pelosi’s criminal trial will take place in the fall, and his trial lawyer

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