The Faith and Freedom Coalition Is a Legal Battle for the President

It’s 2024. Trump Backers Won’t Certify the Election. What Next, Legally?

In the last week of election night, it seemed like the whole world was celebrating as a major upset was predicted. That’s why I was surprised when a group of Trump supporters, the Faith and Freedom Coalition, which has been involved in many legal battles against Obama’s signature initiatives, including the Affordable Care Act, came out and issued a statement insisting that their candidate won the election and asking for the Electoral College to certify the results.

The Faith and Freedom Coalition has been involved in many legal battles, including arguing in court that the law on marriage between a man and a woman does not permit same gender couples to marry. In January 2017, when the Obama administration came out in favor of marriage in the military, the group said as much. The group’s stance is an indication of their legal position in the matter of the President’s signature legislation that has been deemed constitutional by a court, but rejected by many on the Left as a matter of ideology.

What are we looking at next, legally?

I have long been an advocate of keeping religion out of the government, as it would interfere with the civil liberties of all Americans. However, there are some things the government is required to do, such as collecting information on the behavior of citizens and enforcing laws. And yet there are a number of issues that are not even covered under the Fourth Amendment or the Fifth Amendment, but are instead enumerated in the Fifth Amendment. And we are now seeing some of these issues, and even problems, begin to come to the fore.

The Supreme Court has already ruled, in 2014, that the government may not discriminate against transgender workers. Even though the Left has always claimed that the First Amendment prohibits such discrimination, the Court found that employers may not deny the use of the bathroom and the locker room of the person a person is born. The Court found that a business can’t make their own rules, and must instead accept the rules of the business that they are in.

However, this does not mean that businesses and individuals are completely free from all laws. What is meant by �

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