The Election of the Year

L.A. mayoral, California House races soak up money and attention

LOS ANGELES — If not the most important election of the year, it is certainly the most interesting.

Candidates across the nation are vying for a seat in the nation’s capital and in the nation’s capital Los Angeles. Candidates include a state assemblywoman from Illinois looking to take on an incumbent, a former U.S. Senate candidate from Texas running for a third term, a former congressman and the current mayor as well as several others that are vying for either a second or fourth term.

Candidates are also vying to fill a number of seats in state and city-local offices.

Candidates include many on the national scene, such as U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor who is running for a fourth term as mayor and is challenging incumbent Mayor Eric Garcetti.

And the candidates are not all-stars. Some of the candidates are political newcomers, while others are seasoned politicians.

Ryan faces four challengers after he won the GOP nomination for president and has spent a lot of money on the campaign, while Garcetti has been the subject of a lot of national attention as he has been dealing with an indictment for bribery in a city contract, along with a variety of other allegations of possible corruption.

At the same time, there is a fierce competition at the ballot box between a veteran congressman in Illinois and an upstart state senator from Missouri.

As for Garcetti’s opponent, City Councilman Mitch Englander is spending significantly, spending more money than any of his opponents combined.

And in California, the two leading candidates are Democrats, the ex-mayor Jerry Brown for governor and his opponent, state Sen. Kevin de León, of Los Angeles.

A number of the candidates have already begun to campaign.

Garcetti’s first campaign stop was the “Beverly Hills” hotel and residence of the former first lady in Beverly Hills.

At a campaign rally,

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