The Dodgers Are Not a Threat in the Postseason

Letters to the Editor: Dodgers lost? Fake news. Just declare them the winners of last night’s ballgame.

The Dodgers, who have taken five consecutive losses, are now 1-5 when leading after seven innings. They are still within a game of the ALCS, and they have to win that game or be eliminated. The Dodgers can’t lose five in a row and then come back with 11 or 12 runs.

They can’t give up seven runs and win because it would be the beginning of a losing streak of their own.

The Dodgers are clearly not the team that they were in early August, but their bullpen isn’t helping them with their high-leverage, high-octane bullpen. They don’t have the best pitching. The starting pitching has been bad. And the offense is playing catch-up.

If the Dodgers go on a losing streak it will be the worst season in their history, and the worst season that they have seen since 1993.

If they get to the playoffs, the Dodgers will go against the other two NL West teams with the best record, the Rockies and the Angels. The Dodgers are the best team in the NL West, and they just can’t get over the hump.

We just don’t know this team anymore. The Dodgers have the best fans in MLB, and they are just losing because they are not getting the job done.

The Dodgers are the team that once could be considered in the playoffs. Now in their history, they are one of the best “fake league” teams.

We don’t know if the Dodgers will be a threat in the playoffs next season, but we do know that they will not be a threat in the postseason for some time.

–Jeff Davis

The Dodgers are a team that has a lot of promise. They have great pitching. They have a young, solid rotation. Their bullpen is young, too. They also have the best fans in baseball. So, while it is easy to dismiss the Dodgers as a team that is going through a bad streak, I can’t help but notice that the team has a chance to be a serious threat in the playoffs when they get back to playing baseball. They will have their good days, and they will have their bad days.

But they are not going to be a playoff contender right now. They are going to be a team with a chance to have a little more

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