The Democrat-Leaning Candidate in Pennsylvania’s Primary

Oz-Mastriano: An awkward pair atop Pennsylvania’s GOP ticket

Mastriano’s candidacy is a surprising one for several reasons, including the primary in which the incumbent is a Republican incumbent.

Mastriano ran last time against a Democrat in a non-partisan race and the primary will be largely Democratic-leaning.

Mastriano came out of nowhere to win the GOP nomination for governor against an incumbent and then beat the incumbent in the primary as well.

The governor has not lived in the state since he was 18. He moved to Pennsylvania from New York where he was elected to a seat on the New York State Senate, and then he moved from New York to Florida.

He won his first elective office in a state house race in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh (north-central) County. His first elected position was to the state House seat in Warren County.

He had a long career in the state house beginning with 12 years representing the Lehigh County area, then from 1993-2004 he served as the Senate majority leader. He was minority leader from 2007-2008.

Mastriano came out of this past year’s primary to win the GOP nomination for governor and was considered a top contender in the general election in 2016.

Now there is the awkward thing of this year’s primary between the two men, whom one has to consider in terms of character.

Mastriano is a family man who has four daughters and has been married to his wife Joanne for 22 years.

Mastriano has held a variety of jobs over his career, including working in the U.S. Air Force in Germany.

The state’s senior senator, Republican Pat Toomey, endorsed Mastriano’s candidacy.

Mastriano is a businessman and has supported other businesses, such as the Lehigh County Community Development Corp., in his political career. Other business credits include Lehigh Technologies, which is now part of Comcast.

Here’s the bottom line in a nutshell. Mastriano is in a crowded primary against an incumbent. He is running against Toomey (R) and David Freed, the Republican nominee to fill the seat of the late Democratic Sen. and former GOP Gov. Ed Rendell, and who was mayor of Philadelphia at the time.

Mastriano has been

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