The Crime Epidemic Is Growing

America’s crime epidemic keeps growing thanks to radical leftist prosecutors and their social experiments in crime control. The left’s ideology of law and order means that everyone must be stopped and turned into felons for being non-compliant with all the leftist policies: free markets, government regulation, and the government taking over the economy’s business to give the left a one-party state to rule the country.

As the left’s policies continue to fail, the crime epidemic is growing. Here are some examples of how crime rates have risen in the United States during the last three decades. They are all from the National Center for Education Statistics [NCES] database.

• The crime rate in the U.S. fell by 8.8 percent between 1970 and 1980. By 1982, it rose by 6.6 percent.

• Since then, the crime rate has risen by 10 percent, an increase of 1,800 per cent.

• According to the NCES, the national crime rate is now double the rate it was in 1965.

• The U.S. has had more than 100,000 criminal convictions since the year 2000.

• Criminals are increasingly using weapons such as machetes, crossbows, and assault rifles.

• The US has more violent crime in the country than violent crime in any other nation, except a few places in the Middle East, but more violent crime is occurring in the United States today than violent crimes have occurred for a century.

• The problem isn’t just the increase in violence, but the fact that more people are committing crime.

• The US has the highest numbers of people on welfare in the world.

• There is a greater percentage of blacks in prison for murder than for all the rest of the races combined.

• The US is the only developed nation that doesn’t provide free public education at high school and post-secondary level.

• The US was the first country to outlaw private gun ownership.

• There are more murders than rapes in the US every year, including the year 2000.

• According to the US National Commission on Wife Abuse, women’s violence against their partners is greater than violence against women by men.

• More than 40 per cent of the US population lives at or below the poverty level.

• According to a study by the American Medical Association, the US murder rate has steadily been rising due to

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