The Comedic Benevolence of George W. Bush

A Wall Street Banker Turned to Comedy for Happiness and a Career Change

From the looks and sound of the clip above, George W. Bush has been known to have a bit of a comedic bent. But it’s not just a side hobby for him: The former president of the United States even went so far as to start a foundation for his comedic talents in 2007, just after he’d been elected to his 11th and final term in office.

“I really want to be funny,” Mr. Bush told comedian Sarah Silverman during a podcast interview. “I want to be funny, but what makes me laugh is seeing the funny side of people’s actions. I don’t want to write them off and say, ‘This guy’s not going to make it through.’”

And just in case you don’t think he has any room for humor in his life, he went on to explain that his foundation would “allow any person, any human being, to start at the very beginning” and said that it was “about getting people to realize they can do anything.”

“This is the way to go out,” Mr. Bush told Silverman, who was so moved by his comments that she donated $1,000 to the charity that he established in 2007.

I’ve always been fascinated by the work of Sarah Silverman, the comedian who became a household name after her appearance on Saturday Night Live. In the interview with Mr. Bush, we get a glimpse at Silverman’s charitable work, which includes her foundation’s first award for the comedy equivalent of a Nobel Prize: for helping people with cancer.

The video above is a portion of the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update with Chris Matthews on May 19, 2008, in which the two discuss President Bush’s foundation and Silverman’s work for it.

During the segment, Bush says to Matthews: “I want to create an institution of laughter, and I want to give a chance to every human being to start at the beginning, and if they believe and they want to work, if they believe in themselves, and

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