The car was buried in the backyard of a San Francisco mansion after it was allegedly stolen

Owner of car buried at Bay Area mansion had reported it stolen, collected $87,000 insurance payout

A car that was buried in a backyard at a San Francisco mansion after it was allegedly stolen was discovered Tuesday morning.

The car was recovered after it was buried overnight by one of the homeowners’ children, who reportedly went to check on the car after seeing it on a neighbor’s parking lot.

The incident unfolded Tuesday morning, when the backyard of the upscale mansion in the Outer Richmond was excavated, exposing the car and its blacked-out windows.

The house owner, a woman in her 60s, told NBC Bay Area that the car belonged to her son and was not stolen. She said her son had reported it stolen earlier in the week, which gave her reason to dig it up.

She estimated the car had a value of between $87,000 and $97,000, based on the repair estimate she had received. She had gotten the car fixed, she said, because it was her son’s car and she bought him gifts to thank him for making her a millionaire.

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“This was definitely something I felt really, really bad for,” the homeowner said. “If you are going to buy a car with $100,000, you expect it to be really well taken care of.”

The car was found at the back of the home, which was owned by the woman’s sister who lives with her in an apartment.

She could not be reached for comment.

The homeowner has been taken to a hospital for evaluation. The neighbors have also been notified, according to neighbors.

NBC Bay Area has not independently verified the homeowner’s version of events, nor has it independently confirmed that she was responsible for the car being buried.

In an online post, the homeowner said the car was buried at her sister’s request.

“A friend was looking to sell the car and thought an old family friend might be interested,” the post said.

“The car is still in the backyard as you can see in this picture.”

The post included a photo of the

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