Serena Williams launches new website and social media platform

US tennis star feels some people don’t want Black players to succeed

In an effort to promote equality, former world No. 1 Serena Williams has launched new website and online magazine.The new site and magazine, called The Other Shoe, is designed to give back to young Black girls and boys who are dealing with racism and discrimination as they enter school and college.Serena said her new site and online magazine “aims to give young Black boys and girls a sense of pride in themselves and that there is no difference between the race.”She and her partner, Richard Finkelstein, who is now vice president of social responsibility for Nike Inc., began the project with the goal of creating an online magazine, a website and social media platform to help young people grow up to be positive, confident young Black men and women who can be leaders and role models.Serena, who was an honorary chairman and member of the Black Girls Rock! Foundation, said that she always envisioned the magazine and website to make a difference in young people’s lives.The project grew out of a conversation between the Williams and Finkelstein last fall about the obstacles young people of color face in the Black community.”It was in a conversation between us about kids who don’t have any role models to look up to in the Black community,” she said.Williams said she was shocked by the comments from people who told her they wanted to see more black athletes succeed, which led her and Finkelstein to create the website and magazine and the social media platform.”At first I was hurt because people didn’t want to see a Black girl come out and play golf,” Williams said.It didn’t matter that she’s the former world No. 1. People were afraid.”And one of my comments to the guys was, ‘You don’t want us to win. You don’t want to see us win,'” said Serena, who now faces the possibility of being fined for a potential anti-doping rule violation.She said she and Finkelstein realized that they had to show people there were other ways to achieve what they set out to do.”My husband and I created a platform that didn’t have to come from me, Richard Finkelstein, or anyone,” Williams said. “It had to come from the youth that were willing to do the

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