Russian Military Officials Say Iranians Are Offering Russia to Train Ukrainian Soldiers

Iran Sends Drone Trainers to Crimea to Aid Russian Military

The Daily Beast and the Guardian report that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has sent instructors to the peninsula to train soldiers for the annexed peninsula’s special-forces unit, the Sotwatch. The same report says some of them, including an unnamed colonel, have been invited to Russia, presumably to train on Russian equipment.

The Revolutionary Guards has previously offered Russia the use of its own special-forces unit, the Sotwatch on Russian soil as a kind of Russian training facility for the Iranian soldiers who were trained by their comrades in the Revolutionary Guards.

It wasn’t just the Revolutionary Guards in the region who were offering Russia to train the Ukrainian army, but also the Ukrainian military itself.

Russia and Iran

The Russians have been trying to draw closer to the Iranians for a long time. As the Russian Army has grown stronger, it has sought more and more help from the Iranians and has turned to the Sotwatch to help counter the growing Ukrainian military strength.

And it is no secret from the Russian military that the Iranians have offered to train some of their soldiers on the Sotwatch too, but the Russians have always refused, claiming that it would undermine their training of their own soldiers.

But that has now changed. That is, the Iranians have now set aside their ‘we don’t train soldiers from our own country’ line and have offered to train some of their more well-trained soldiers to work alongside the Sotwatch. This means that the Iranians now have a greater level of control over the Sotwatch.

“This is the first time that Russian soldiers have been trained in the use of weapons and equipment that come from Russia,” says a Russian military official.

The Russian military official goes on to say this training can actually help improve Russia’s military because Russian soldiers are now learning the art of using Russian weapons, which will be a bonus to any Russian-Iranian training. The report notes that while the move will ‘upset’ Russia’s allies in Germany, Russia’s defense minister, the famous Russian General Yuri Baluyevsky

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