Pape Diakite fighting to clear name over sexual abuse allegations

Patrice Evra: Former France star opens up about sexual abuse as he fights to clear his name | Analysis

Former France and Barcelona star Pape Diakite is fighting to clear his name over sexual abuse allegations. The former France international has been accused of sexually abusing underage boys when he played alongside his partner, Olympic champion Alix Lacroix.

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Pape Diakite has been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys in the early 2000s.

The former France international is fighting to clear his name.

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The 45-year-old was a model before he became a footballer.

“I have never been guilty of sexual harassment,” Diakite insisted in Paris on Monday.

“I love my wife. I loved the boys who were close to me.”

On Wednesday, his case was heard by France’s National Council of Penitentiary and Criminal Justice.

In October, Lacroix filed a legal complaint against Diakite, who denies the allegations. She claimed both were aware of the abuse but decided to keep it a secret – allegedly due to the “pressure” from Lacroix’s father and coaches.

Lacroix is seeking €10 million (1.5m euros) for “emotional damages, psychological damages, humiliation, out-of-pocket expenses as well as the cost of medical care”.

“Lacroix made this decision on her father’s advice and because of the pressure she was under,” he said on Wednesday.

The former France forward also denied his actions were “unforgivable”.

“The accusation that I was a sexual harasser is intolerable. I have always denounced such behaviour and would do it again if I were a man. I am sure that my family and friends, the whole France, is

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