New species of frogs discovered in Ecuador

6 new species of rain frogs discovered in Ecuador

Ecuador’s Amazon rain forest is teeming with frogs species that have been found here only in the past few decades. These new discoveries range from tiny to giant, from long-tailed to short-tailed. There are new species of frog that are all-new to science, and that bring the number of frog species known from Ecuador to more than 20. The following video shows a new species of frog that was just described by researchers from the National Autonomous University of Ecuador (Unecole):

The new species have been found in three locations: in the Chinde and Uyuni provinces of Ecuador, and in the Esmeraldas province of Venezuela. The Chinde frog, for which the Unecole named the new species, lives along freshwater streams in dense vegetation, and the other two species were found in the jungle. The species were discovered in the past five months, and were named by the researchers:

“One of the most exciting aspects of Unecolle’s research is that she is the first ever to describe a long-tongued frog and to do so in Ecuador,” says Jaime Cordeiro, a Unecole researcher. “Her extensive work on the chinde frog and other tropical frogs has allowed her to find new species in Ecuador, which was previously unexplored.”

The discovery of these four new frogs is a major step in the conservation of the Amazon rain forest that stretches from Brazil to northern Colombia, and it may be the first time that a frog species has been found in every single tropical region. With the discovery of these new species of frogs, Ecuador is now home to at least 20 endemic frogs species.

The name of these newly discovered rain frogs comes from the Chinde river in Ecuador, where these frogs are known to live. The Chinde river is surrounded by three volcanic peaks that make this river very dangerous to navigate. In fact, the Chinde river has the second greatest number of accidents in the world, and the greatest number of them happen on the Chinde river.

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