Mid-City Police Department Shoots Three People in the West Side Apartment

Six masked suspects steal jewelry, handbags at gunpoint in Mid-City

Three people were hit by bullets in the gunbattle with the Mid-City police department Wednesday night.

No one was hurt when officers responded to a shooting call at the West Side apartment about 9:40 p.m. officers responded to a shooting call at the West Side apartment about 9:40 p.m.

“We need some help. We need more officers,” said police officer David Rivera.

Officers found two people shot in their apartment, officials said. No word on the third victim.

The suspects, described as three African males, fled the scene in a sport utility vehicle driving a white Chevrolet Impala. The SUV was seen racing eastbound in the 3000 block of North Lasalle Street Tuesday afternoon.

The suspects’ faces are covered by a bandana, but officers say they have facial hair.

The suspects were last seen abandoning the stolen vehicle, which was later found in front of a nearby building. Police say the vehicle is inoperable.

Rivera said he was called to the crime scene to provide security because of the shooting Wednesday.

Rivera said he was hit twice in the leg while rushing the scene but was okay.

“I got hit because I was rushing for cover,” Rivera said.

Rivera says he feels lucky.

“I feel lucky to be here right now. I’ll sleep tonight I got to get them. I got to get them. I got to,” Rivera said.

Police say the two shots that hit Rivera came from the same firearm, a 9mm.

“I thought it was a 9mm, but it was a.380, I don’t know… I can’t even put my hand on it to tell you, but I just seen it so many times in the past and nothing ever seems to be happening with it,” said Rivera.

The department was still reeling from the deadly weekend. A man was shot in the leg after trying to break into the home of the victim, a man.

Rivera said he’s thankful for the extra officers, training and equipment.

“A lot of people thank me, a lot of people pray for our department and a lot of people appreciate

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