Los Angeles International Airport’s Halloween is on the horizon

Halloween season brings out the best in L.A. immersive scene with ‘The Willows’ and ‘Witch!’ at LAX’s SkyLights

By Mike Deak

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Halloween is the time when L.A.’s downtown street artists and their counterparts in the world’s largest city put on their most elaborate, elaborate shows – but with the most elaborate sets, no less.

With a $2,500 price tag, these shows are mostly free and a great way to catch up with friends. This weekend, the city’s downtown streets will be inundated with a lineup of characters from the world of video games and animation, complete with elaborate props and more than a little magic.

And they’ll be doing it all in the spooky streets of Los Angeles International Airport. The annual, annual flight to the airport is often billed as the city’s “official Halloween celebration” – and this year, it’s the first time in the airport’s 30-year stay on the West Coast it has had its own “Halloween” in the official title.

“For all who’ve told us no, this is our Halloween,” airport spokeswoman Anne Riggio told a throng of a dozen or so excited travelers and passersby Thursday morning.

“It’s our first. It’s been on our mind,” said a weary airport worker walking around checking on the dozens of costume-clad travelers.

For two hours, the airport’s employees, pilots and airport employees will be at work on the runways, in the flight paths and under the terminal buildings. They’ll be setting up their props and putting on their costumed characters.

But the real show is set to begin Friday, when an 80-foot Ferris wheel swings down from the top of the airport’s SkyLights – one of the tallest observation wheel in the world and the first of its kind in Los Angeles. The wheel is set up in a parking lot near LAX’s Terminal 5.

The Wheel is part of a larger attraction called “The World of Disney: Hollywoodland.” A video game and animatronic park will open to the public Saturday in the same area under the wheel.

“It’s going to be

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