La Vanguardia Celebrates 25 Years of History

LA Vanguardia: An L.A. Times project celebrating the Latino vanguard transforming our cultural landscape

La Vanguardia’s 25th anniversary is an apt occasion for a celebration of the Latino cultural identity in Southern California. The paper celebrated their 25th anniversary with an editorial board meeting where the editorial board reviewed the past 25 years of Vanguardia’s history, both internal and external to the paper. The meeting was conducted after the newspaper received an endorsement from the Los Angeles Regional Chamber Alliance, which gave it a “letter of intent.” The editorial board concluded that a strong “future of Los Angeles” was being written as a result of the efforts of the Latino community. “In order to continue on a path to becoming a city where everyone can succeed and prosper, we must nurture new organizations and cultural ventures that reflect the diversity of our City,” the editorial board wrote.

The Editorial Board reviewed an historic moment as La Vanguardia launched the magazine that was founded on June 8, 1966, by founder César Chávez. The magazine that was eventually renamed to La Vanguardia, and would later be renamed to La Prensa, was the first publication of its kind in L.A. where it would champion the voice of the people. It was a newspaper that would advocate for peace in the streets of downtown L.A. as well as fight to bring more equality to the Los Angeles population. The editorial board described the paper’s legacy in the following quote:

The first article that La Vanguardia wrote was “The Voice of the People,” written by César Chávez in 1946. This same voice would soon be heard in a place that reflected its message. La Vanguardia’s writers, photographers and editors have been called on to shape cultural and political changes in Los Angeles, and in the process have become the cultural leaders of our City. Today, we recognize that the City of Los Angeles is a City of many parts. It is a diverse city with a mosaic of cultures and traditions. The vision of La Vanguardia is to support organizations that reflect this diversity, because that is what Los Angeles is

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