Kanye West’s Statement About Women Is a Meme

Kanye West Is Running Out of Platforms

The most famous rapper in America is once again in the news for public statements about women, but this time it’s Kanye West, who is the man, and not the caricature of a man, that is seen as the villain of the situation.

He has been described as being “proud” of his behavior and as stating that the “issue” isn’t one of sexual misconduct but “a symptom of the underlying misogyny that is still around in music, hip-hop, and culture,” which are, of course, not issues but rather symptoms of a disease that has infected so much of America’s culture and that has, among other things, led to a lack of understanding of how women are treated in the media and elsewhere.

“It’s important to note that Kanye West’s statement is not limited to sex or sexual misconduct. It’s a statement about what has become pervasive in our culture. It’s not a statement about me — it’s a statement about Kanye West.”

Kanye West’s statement about his own conduct has, of course, become something of a meme, even though it has the same amount of content as the actual meme of a person, which it replaces.

It is about the fact that, when a man is a public figure, his actions can be reported without regard to the quality of his work or to any character traits and when that man — that Kanye West — states that women are the most important sex to him, many of his female fans and even some of his female friends will have difficulty understanding what they are hearing.

The woman who is most visibly offended by Kanye West’s statements is Rihanna, who tweeted, “I’m the most important piece of ass to someone who is worth his [or her] word to women. But no. Stop.”

And of course she is not the only woman to be offended by

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