Kanye West Takes Over Social Media

As Kanye West’s business partners back away, rapper buys right-wing social media platform with $1 million of campaign cash

Yusef Salaam is seen here with West, who made him the second most recognizable black male in the world; the two have been linked for years.

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Rapper Kanye West took over social media this week after the co-founder of the conservative political advocacy network American Bridge announced that he was quitting the company because of a “lack of support.”

In a statement on Monday morning, West announced that he had formed his own Twitter and Instagram accounts under the account name “G.O.O.D Music,” which stands for “God is our God.” He said the new outlets would be the “most inclusive and authentic,” and would focus on “rejecting the hateful attitudes that are destroying our planet and our communities.”

West has now raised an estimated $1 million on Kickstarter for G.O.O.D Music. In addition to the campaign, he has sold all of his Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats1 radio app, Beats2 radio app, Beats1, iTunes, and iTunes Radio downloads to G.O.O.D., along with his “G.O.O.D Music” mobile app.

West’s move on Monday to take control of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook comes at a time when he is becoming embroiled in a conflict with former employees and allies of the conservative movement who have backed away over the past year or two.

The most prominent of them is billionaire and Trump supporter Robert Mercer, who has backed a campaign called Keep America Great to defeat Trump and his policies. Mercer and his wife, Rebekah Mercer, are friends with West and were among the “biggest financial supporters” in the fight to keep West at the forefront of social media.

“His new social media account will be run by me and my team,” West said in his statement Monday. “In addition to running all of my social media accounts, I will also

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