Jude Bellingham says racism within football is an open secret

‘Maybe we are alone’: Jude Bellingham questions whether authorities ‘care’ about racist abuse directed at Black footballers

Jude Bellingham says racism within the football world was ‘an open secret’ and that the authorities had ‘no clue’ about it.

The ex-England and Everton defender was in tears as he spoke about the racism he has faced at Stamford Bridge.

He has also revealed that he was forced to sell his home after a racist message was left on his front door by a neighbour.

He is now looking to return to former club QPR and is looking to return to full fitness.

The 40-year-old said: ‘I am still angry, I have never had a problem with anyone.

‘But I am upset. I always get a bit angry, but now I am angry.

‘It is an open secret. The problem is the way people deal with it.

‘The problem is that the authorities are not talking about it and I don’t think that they care.’

Jude Bellingham with his England side

Jude Bellingham was part of the England side that won the World Cup in 2002 and says the racism he faces from players and fans has made him more aware of the problems to be expected in the game.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: ‘It has not had any impact on the way I play, but the fact that it could have is an open secret.

‘I don’t think anyone really wants to talk about it. I think it is a problem that people don’t talk about.

‘People could have a problem with me or my family as they are not good looking, we don’t attract a lot of attention but the problem is when you are a black man.

‘People aren’t very friendly to you. I have never experienced anything like that and I have never heard an awful thing from anyone.’

Jude Bellingham has also revealed that

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