Jerry Lee Lewis’ tribute to the late R&B singer

Elton John, Ringo Starr, Dennis Quaid and other celebrities pay tribute to the late Jerry Lee Lewis in a moving ‘The Voice’ tribute video.

A group of celebrities including Jerry Lee Lewis’ biggest music fans including former American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks, British rocker Tom Jones and actress Eva Mendes have taken to Twitter to pay tribute to the late R&B star.

The tweet posted by Sparks, also took a moment to talk about Lewis’ death.

“His music will always hold a place in my heart, and that’s why I was on today’s ‘The Voice’ and will be on it till the day I die.”

Lewis, 70, was found dead at his home in Las Vegas on July 19 from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease.

Lewis, who had been touring to promote his album, ‘This Is It’, died just before midnight after the show in Denver, Colorado.

Lewis’ death came days after his family said he was showing “signs of improvement” following a 10-day hospital stay at John Wayne Cancer Institute at UCLA in California. Lewis’ family said his brother Larry is with him in Las Vegas, where he is being treated.

The post, which was liked more than 7,000 times, also included a picture of Lewis’ signature guitar and a picture of him dressed as Elvis in a tuxedo with his hands on the drum set.

The post also said it was “inspiring” to see Lewis’s guitar-playing abilities since he had to learn how to play the instrument for his guitar and “that’s a hard lesson to learn, especially if you’re an R&B singing legend like Jerry Lee.”

Lewis’ children told TMZ that the singer was doing great during his hospital stay in California. They said Lewis had a “couple of different issues” that were resolved at his hospital stay.

The tweet prompted a flood of responses from fans online.

Lewis’ former bandmate

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