How Caitlin and Christian Lost Faith

Meet Caitlin Covington, The Woman Known as “Christian Girl Autumn”

The New York Times recently published an interview with Caitlin Covington, the woman known as “Christian Girl Autumn,” whose life story has been the focus of over 300,000 blog posts and articles.

I got to know Caitlin through my friend, Christian, and it was through her blog that I found out about her previous life. Her blog was originally created in 2012 as a way to post stories about how God had helped her see the importance of family and her life, but it grew to be much more than that.

The day we met, I started writing about Caitlin’s history and from there I had a conversation with her about how they met and what their relationship was like when they were both in college. Caitlin was a journalism major on a Christian college campus in Washington, D.C., and Christian was a student in a Liberal Arts Program at the University of Mary Washington.

Caitlin and Christian met for the first time through a mutual friend of two of our friends. The two went to dinner and the conversation quickly turned to Christianity, and how both of them had lost faith.

“As soon as I heard that I had a chance to go meet someone and talk to them, and I did,” she said.

Since their first date, they have had three very long-term relationships, and three short-term ones. In the beginning, they were dating for a year and a half before they decided to be exclusive. Christian said that it didn’t take long for him to realize that Caitlin was “the girl he had been searching for his whole life.”

“She was so passionate about her faith, was so excited about God,” he said. “When I saw her passion for God I knew it was meant to be.”

Caitlin and Christian were together for a year and a half when the relationship ended. She had gone home to be with her family before she told him she wasn’t in love with him anymore.

When he told her that he did

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