Flooding in Nigeria is worse than in December 2008

Hundreds killed in Nigeria floods, more than 1.4 million displaced

At least 1,400 people have died in flooding and mudslides that hit southern Nigeria, according to the local civil defence authority. Nearly 300,000 people are still displaced.

As rain fell on Saturday, the country is bracing for a deluge expected to reach some 10 inches in parts of the south, making it one of the wettest seasons in recent history.

In Lokoja, Ikenne, Mubi and Lagos, about 2,500 people are homeless. Some 2.1 million people are displaced, according to local authorities.

“This is certainly worse than the last time we had a major flood in December 2008,” said Adetokunbo Owoh, head of the Lagos State emergency management body. “In less than 48 hours, a large section of the Niger Delta was flooded, and some parts of the country are facing floods.”

He said a massive search-and-rescue operation is going on to help people displaced in several towns.

The National Emergency Management Agency said on Saturday it had established a relief fund for those affected by the floods, which have also claimed lives in neighbouring Cameroon.

A statement by the agency said: “The agency is working with the Federal Ministry of Disaster Management and the Central Bank of Nigeria to raise funds to provide emergency assistance to affected areas and support affected communities to receive humanitarian assistance and basic needs assistance.”

But the federal government said it could not provide sufficient assistance because the situation in the country was highly complex, with many vulnerable and isolated communities affected.

The statement from the federal minister of women, family and community development, Amina Mohammed, said: “The Federal Ministry of Disaster Management and Central Bank of Nigeria has committed to supporting the immediate relief and rehabilitation of affected communities.”

“The government is closely monitoring the developments around the country and will provide immediate and sustained support to all persons affected by the flooding, and to people and communities in need of emergency support, as required.”

The statement came hours after President Goodluck Jonathan visited the flooded areas

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