Bob Saget’s headstone at Hollywood Cemetery

Ten months after his death, Bob Saget gets a fitting headstone: Here’s what it says

Bob Saget’s final resting place has been revealed.

In a fitting final tribute to the comedian and actor, Hollywood Cemetery in Woodlawn, Queens, is to unveil a headstone that contains a quotation from his final appearance on “The Andy Griffith Show:” “May God bless you, Bob.”

A fitting tribute indeed, as Saget died of cancer in 2015 at age 58 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he had been treated for his illness for almost a decade. His funeral, held on January 27, was attended by dozens of friends and family, including his partner, Andy Griffith, who also died 10 months later.

“I’m proud to have been the first person to have Bob Saget’s headstone at Hollywood Cemetery,” said his niece, Marni Saget, who was working the wake for the family’s patriarch. “It truly gives me a full sense of accomplishment and a sense of satisfaction. But there’s also a deep feeling of sadness and loss.”

When the cemetery announced Saget’s headstone, Marni said that she was overjoyed, calling Saget “a good man who gave much more than he took.”

“It’s been his wish that his ashes remain at the cemetery,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I think it’s an important reminder to all the people who love him and his family to continue to stay strong and never lose hope.”

One of Saget’s final words to Griffith, which was played during a memorial service aired on CBS in January, was in reference to the late actor’s best friend: “Don’t forget, Andy. You’ll be missed.”

Cancer had taken its toll on Saget’s once ageless body, with doctors predicting the comedian had less than a year to live. Saget, a native New Yorker, told friends he feared he’d die in his bed, not in hospital. But he also loved New York City’s Big Apple.

As the comedian’s body deteriorated, he became increasingly depressed, and eventually went into a coma, according to his family.

In a statement shared at the time, Saget’s family said he was “strong and robust

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