Afrobeats — The “Crown Princess of Nigerian Hip-Hop”

How Afrobeats has become an unstoppable musical force in the Nigerian music scene – in a way, that she has never been seen.

In a Nollywood film, a character who plays the harp is the one leading the story with his flute. She becomes one of the greatest artists in the industry and she still commands respect from all the people. This is what Afrobeats have always been – the “real life-story” of a great musician.

Before her, there was Ananse (one of her nicknames), another young Afrobeats. Before her, we also had Uche Nduka Onyeama and his songs. Before her, we had O.Nwachukwu, O.J.Boadu, Chinwe Okoye, and others.

I have been following Afrobeats since 2013, when I first heard her singing in ‘Mystified Life’, a compilation album she released with a friend on her birthday.

When she finally released her first full studio album, ‘Uche,’ in 2015, I was hooked and remained so since. I was lucky enough to attend her first concert in July 2015, where she performed a rendition of her now-famous tune, ‘Omo Omo.’

In August 2016, I caught and interviewed Afrobeats on her 25th birthday at a conference in Lagos. She had been in Nigeria for just a year then. Since she began her journey, she has become one of the brightest lights in our industry.

She is also a prolific social media star and someone who has earned the respect of everyone in the industry and beyond. That’s why I call Afrobeats the “Crown Princess of Nigerian Hip-Hop.”

As she made more and more shows, she continued doing her thing like her signature song, ‘Omo Omo,’ and her ‘P.E.A.C.

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